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5 good reasons to invest in the cannabis industry with Terranueva

An emerging Quebec cannabis company founded on innovation and proven technologies.

Since Canada became the first G7 country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, a whole new industry has emerged, offering attractive investment opportunities. Extremely well positioned, Terranueva, a Quebec company with a strong administrative structure, will develop very high-quality products that will target the medical and recreational markets to satisfy a well-defined clientele. In the green gold rush, it is our highly technological approach that will make of us, a successful company.


An investment built on a solid foundation.

Our first plant is ready to produce.

Our Certification, Research and Development Unit (CRDU), located in L'Assomption, Quebec, has been operational ready since December 2018. We will develop the best strains in an environment that controls all variables.

In good financial health, our stock listing increases our sources of financing.

Terranueva's common shares are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). The market capitalization of Terranueva, on the basis of its latest financing, exceeds $ 15 million.

For more information, see our investor presentation.

Our management team has already proven itself.

The management team has an exceptional combination of know-how and experience in many relevant sectors, to make Terranueva count among the major cannabis production companies:

Business Management | Pharmaceutical industry | Automation of processes | Technological integration | Product Development | Quality assurance | Etc.

Meet the members of our management team.

Our board, is as experienced as it is visionary.

Many well-known faces of the business community are part of our board of directors. Their experience, expertise and vision add incomparable value to our company and its growth potential.

Meet our directors.

Principles of governance and strong ethical values are well entrenched and in place.

Terranueva has defined for itself, four (4) core values necessary to ensure its success in the growing cannabis sector.

  • Accountability: We operate with honesty and transparency, in accordance with our values, policies, procedures and various laws. We are responsible for our successes as well as our mistakes.

  • Collaboration: Our work environment encourages team building, knowledge sharing and cooperation. This synergy allows us to better achieve our goals.

  • Innovation: We work with enthusiasm and create value for our customers, shareholders and employees. Technological innovation is the heart of the Terranueva’s business model.

  • Excellence: We are committed to providing consistently high quality cannabis products. In addition, we invest in R & D to always achieve better results, both for our products and our finance.

Based on these four (4) values, Terranueva has developed high standards of governance and ethics, to consult our principles of governance, click here.


A concentrated business strategy to meet the needs of 80% of the cannabis Canadian market.

With the support of an important commitment in research and development, we seek to develop a higher quality cannabis that meets the primary motivations of consumers:

Chronic pain | Migraines | Sleep disorders | Anxiety

We will develop and conduct clinical tests on specific strains to obtain products that will best relieve these conditions, with high standards of efficiency, quality and stability.


High technology, the singular approach that guarantees value creation.

Our production approach is developed according to modular production principles (MPU - modular production unit). Thanks to a production approach in an MPU and the use of superior technologies in production control, we can multiply production quickly and easily.

Our crops are cultivated in a controlled environment at all times, computer-assisted and largely automated, ensuring a constant and high-quality production that seriously reduces the risk of losses resulting from the inherent nature of greenhouse production.

Automated production ensures both superior and consistent quality.

We use strict control methods to ensure consistent quality production. By automating our development, growth and transformation processes, we reduce the risk of error and ensure product stability. Our automated production also ensures:

  • The traceability of our product from the beginning to the end (from seed to sell).

  • Yield is maximized for each of our strains through the control of all variables, and the constancy of THC, CBD and other attributes of the cannabis produced.

Technologies to minimize production costs.

Maximizing controls is minimizing errors. Automating processes is reducing production costs. This is the strategy chosen to meet our profitability objectives. We can offer a superior quality product at an affordable cost

R & D to stay at the forefront.

Terranueva is an innovative technological company. Research and development are essential to our success. That's why we will systematically reinvest 8% of sales in R & D.

R & D will focus on two aspects:

I The technologies needed for operations, to increase productivity.

II The effects of cannabis, in collaboration with clinics and research chairs, for the creation of new products (recipes, dosage, impact with other drugs, etc.).


As a result, the benefits of R & D are:

  • Increased productivity of operations.

  • Culture of targeted strains identified through clinical studies.

  • Creation of new products based on sound research protocols.


A strong brand to reach the markets and the coveted marketing networks.

We develop and invest in an authentic and distinctive brand based on our deep knowledge of the medicinal properties of our cannabis.

We will pursue our efforts to offer products in several forms: dried cannabis, oil, cream, capsule, spray etc.

Our products will be distributed in accordance with existing regulations:

in clinic | in pharmacy | in dispensaries | on our website | in direct sale


Terranueva has exceptional growth potential.

Cannabis is in high demand.

The Canadian cannabis market is estimated at $ 7 billion in 2021. The consumption for chronic pain, migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety - account for 80% of the market (medicinal and recreational).

Our production strategy in MPU allows us to grow quickly.

The modular and portable structure of MPU enables consolidation and accelerated deployment, quickly moving from small-scale to large-scale production.

Once the current l’Assomption site is developed to its full potential with all MPU in operation, the site's production capacity will be 21.3 metric tonnes of dried cannabis.

And that's just the beginning.

In a sector that has neither the major risks of biotechnology nor those of mining explorers, analysts agree that green gold will open doors in other G7 countries. Our MPU will be tested and our product recognized, which will facilitate the export of our expertise, and our products.

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