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At which stock exchange does Terranueva’s shares are traded and under which symbol?

Our shares are traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) under the TEQ symbol.

How do I buy Terranueva shares?

Shares must be purchased through a securities dealer or an online platform. The shares cannot be purchased directly from the Company.

Has Terranueva been granted required licenses to grow cannabis?

Terranueva Pharma Corporation, was awarded on February 22, 2019, in accordance with the new Cannabis Act, cultivation, transformation and sale (medical) licences by Health Canada (the « Licences »). These Licences authorize Terranueva to produce, process and sell seeds and plants to wholesalers/distributors supplying the provincial and territorial cannabis retailers and/or individuals who have registered to obtain cannabis products for medical purposes ("registered patients"). Moreover, Terranueva may conduct related activities such as possession, transportation, storage, destruction, research and development and sell of bulk cannabis to other federal licence holders.

How do I access documents filed to regulatory authorities?

Click on to view the Terranueva Corporation’s profile on the SEDAR site. Type Terranueva Corporation under “View Documents for this Open Company” and click for a complete list of documents filed with regulators.

Where can I get the latest financial results?
What if I lost my shares certificates?

You must immediately notify our transfer agent if you lose, destroy, misplace or your stock certificate is stolen. You will be required to provide written notice by email ( to Investor Services or by mail to

Investors Services Computershare

1500, boul Robert-Bourassa
Bureau 700
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 3S8
Calling center – 1-800-564-6253 or 514-982-7555

In your letter, it is important to include the issuer name (i.e. “Terranueva Corporation”), the certificate number (or certificates) and the number of shares held. Upon receipt of your written notice, the transfer agent will place a temporary notice of objection on the certificate (or certificates) to prevent any unauthorized transfer of shares. He will then send you the necessary documents to make the replacement, including the purchase of a securities loss bond calculated at a percentage of the market price of the replaced securities and the establishment of a loss affidavit and indemnity contract.

How may I change my address?

Investors can change their address through the Computershare Investor Services Transfer Agent. Authorization from the registered shareholder is required to change your mailing address. Please provide the following details to help us identify your account:

  • Company Name – "Terranueva Corporation"
  • Name of the shareholder as recorded on the share certificate or on the statement of the direct registration system
  • Previous address
  • New address

Please provide the following details by:

Mail to:

Investors Services Computershare
1500 Robert-Bourassa boul., Office 700
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 3S8



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